10 Awesome Resources for Learning Meteor

So by now you as web developer has come across Meteor in some form or another, and if you have not then I would highly recommend you go have a look at http://www.meteor.com and see what the hype is about. So for you new people to Meteor out there, here is a list of resources that I found useful during my learning of Meteor.

  1. Meteor.com – There is no better place to get the required information than from the official website itself. Meteor’s site contains the complete API documentation that you will need in your quest to learn about meteor.
  2. Discover Meteor – I particularly found the book available for purchase here extremely helpful to take those first steps onto this new and exciting platform. They cover all the basics with a few more advanced concepts. The book was written by Tome Colemen (http://tom.thesnail.org/) and Sacha Grief (http://sachagreif.com/).
  3. For those that prefer watch videos have a look at Evented Mind (www.eventedmind.com) they have a bunch of awesome screen casts that you can use to get yourself up and running with Meteor.
  4. Stack Overflow – As a developer I believe that you have spent some time on this Q&A wonder site and that you have built some reputation or asked a few questions. This is the perfect place to search for solutions to your questions and get answers if you can’t find the solution on the site or anywhere else.
  5. Another post worth reading is What’s This Meteor Thing but Gabriel Manricks (http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/whats-this-meteor-thing/) this is a fully fledged tutorial so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the coding goodness.
  6. Introduction to Realtime Web  with Meteor and Node.js – When starting with Meteor development it is important that you understand what realtime web application is and how they work. This article does just that using Metoer and Node.js
  7. Learn Meteor Fundamentals and best Practices – Another blog post about how to Meteor. It might be a bit out dated at the time of this writing and might be updated in the future. But it is still worth working through it. http://andrewscala.com/meteor/
  8. Meteor Alternative to MongoDB Full Text Search – This article will help you build a type ahead search like function that can be re-used in all of you Mongo collections. It is a brilliant read. (http://www.stephentcannon.com/2013/11/meteor-alternative-to-mongodb-full-text.html)
  9. Another tutorial on Meteor I really enjoyed was Create a web app from scratch in under 5 minutes with Meteor & Mailgun by Vianney Lecroart. http://blog.mailgun.com/post/create-a-web-app-from-scratch-in-under-5-minutes-with/
  10. Last but not least have a look at http://learningmeteor.blogspot.de/ they have a few great posts of getting off the ground and started with Meteor

Now that you are armed with a few awesome resources I suggest getting started with that first awesome application that you have been dying to create.